(SUGGESTIONS) Ideas to add todo list

Until we have a proper way to short these suggestions. I made this “huge” thread for my suggestions to the game.
Currently, 17h in this game and it has been a blast! Game is fun, but performance issues and AI making it less and less attractive.

Here are the suggestions what are “realistic” and “easy” to import to the game. Also, some of them are critical (for me at least), without them I can’t play this game no longer.

  1. PVP Zone / Protected Zone
    Draw zone (like NPC zone drawer) to disallow PVP in area.
  2. Bind shops
    There is no need to be two shops for real money and gold. Shop should just have two “textbox”, one for gold and one for real money. Adding a checkbox to disallow one of the options could help if you don’t want a game to have microtransactions or gold buying.
  3. Smarter AI (critical)
    AI (players) doesn’t seem to do anything without quest mission. Selling loot for gold and buying weapon seems to be too hard for current AI. AI getting stuck inside inns, just because they haven’t sell loot for gold.
  4. Ground level editing
    Making hills and slopes could add extra details to the region.
  5. Region-based monsters
    Every region could have own types of monsters. Or we could add more of them. We already have a way to edit current ones, why not add “+” button under default ones and we make more of them?
  6. Skilling
    Mining, Smithing, Woodcutting, Fishing … you name it! After this, add new function to AI to make them prefer doing PVE, PVP or skilling.
  7. Guilds menu
    Guild is already coming/exist. But menu for seeing how many guilds there are, who is the leader, and what is the main region what the guild is using.
  8. Guilds shields
    Add guild shield icon to player profile (if the player is in a guild). Clicking it will link to guild menu.
  9. More scenery objects

Suggestions that are just my ideas what could be cool, and what could be added to the game … someday.

  1. Multiplay
    Lobby for 1-4 player, everyone makes own MMORPG and compete against subs (or multiple other game modes, like everyone doing one MMORPG together). Whoever reach 10k (modifiable value) subs first, win the game.
  2. Modding
    API and guide for modding will add game tons of new content and features.

Lastly, I want to say that after +3k subs you will have performance issues. Option to disable animations/player count in screen or just fixing the pathfinding could help.

Thank you for making this game public,
and have a nice day :slight_smile: