Suggestions From A Game Developer

Personally I love the options for effects, however I think there should be a few more, for instance;

  • Air
  • Arrow
  • Bubble
  • Bullet
  • Dripping

Class Progression
So we can probably all agree that the Trainers are quite bland and minor, so here are a few suggestions to add a bit more variation and control;

  • Allow for purchasing of abilities via the Trainer rather than just unlocking them at a specific level.

  • Add the option to disallow certain skills if the “player” already has another skill at said level.

  • Add class quests, so that the “player” has to be a specific class to accept the quest.

New Entity Models
What is a fantasy world without specific entities, such as;

  • Elementals such as; Water, Light, Fire, Earth, Dark, Air.

  • Dragons, now hear me out. If you make a simple six limbed dragon model, you have also made a drake and a wyvern, as all a Player has to do is remove the front legs to make a wyvern, or the wings for a drake.

  • Flying entities, such as Bats, Crows, Gargoyles, etcetera as it adds in more variation and it makes more sense for the ability icons.

So why not add a Hex/RGB code based colouring system, whilst you can still keep the default colours you already have, but this will allow for a lot more control and variation for each entity, rather than being limited to the same colours throughout. I would also suggest doing this for the buildings and props.

I will happily pay you to develop these features, but that’s just me…

These are all amazing ideas!!! I hope these get added in. I was really disappointed to see no dragons and hardly any particle effects.

I would also like to suggest the ability to set a Guards level, rather than them being way higher than the entities around them, it allows for interesting “AI” assisted combat, adding more options for creativity.

I thought it was odd they were only level 12, maybe they’re just going in the spirit of old mmos
“Don’t you think losing 5 levels when you die is a bit harsh?” “Nope, lets make it 6” “good idea”

I found in my game, in a level 16-20 region there are level 27 guards, which I found a bit overkill

I guess it scales for each zone then