[Suggestion] Why do we have to pay for every scenery building ?

Hi !
This point is disturbing me a lot and I don’t know if I’m the only one ?
Why paying every time for a scenery building I already built ? (And 1K is way too much in my opinion, if you want to build a city)

It would me more logical if all the scenery buildings (and maybe all the sceneries, packed in themes) were locked at the beginning and you could just unlock them by spending some amount of money once, and some development time. Once you’ve “developed” your scenery building, it shouldn’t cost you anything (only developers time) to make it pop everywhere if you want to, since you already have it in your “game code” in your mmorpg.

Thx for reading my topic ! What do you think of this ?


Probably partially to limit rendering polygons. So your game doesnt start lagging due to you placing 1000000000 trees . Scenes have a triangle limit for rendering ! I think its just a fun mechanic. You are right it isnt realistic but its fun. It doesnt have to be realistic to be fun.

I’m definitely struggling a little to find ways to encourage folks to not place a billion trees! (or tufts of grass or whatever)

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You could always make a scenery budget for each zone and dress it up with a theme system. You could assign a couple values to each scenery object, one for polycount (or any performance metric), one for scenery points for a theme or two. Players could get small bonus to satisfaction if scenery is above a certain level and maybe a penalty if below another. This could add an additional mechanic and solve your issue of too many prefabs being dumped in a regio.