Suggestion: Toxic players & Cheaters

Finding toxic players and cheaters get insanely tedious once you get more then a few hundred players. I noticed it doesn’t effect satisfaction and rating much (at least it think). As I have stopped trying to stop cheating and toxic players. Its just becomes something annoying for my OCD to see the player reports about it.
I have thousands of reports about toxic players with no way to really address it.
I Suggest that Moderators can be added to the game. Paid players in which their task is to seek out and warn toxic and cheating players. They don’t have the ability to ban. But perhaps after their second warning to a player, They can notify you about the player. Then you can give them a higher tier warning. Or just give them a ban with a simple interface window that brings up the full list of reported players.
What do you guys think?


I agree that Finding toxic players is a huge pain atm but I think something like GMs finding them would be nice!