Suggestion: The Ability to Make Our Own Character

I know we have the ability to control other players, but I keep finding myself craving the ability to control and progress my own character, without having to worry about said character logging out or progressing without me. Of course, this would hopefully include the ability to accept/turn in quests and buy gear, and in the future even run dungeons in a party. Having ‘Admin’ powers to allow us to switch between classes or increase run speed would be very useful as well.

This would also help us test the balance of our classes, but I truly just find it relaxing to play as the characters and rewarding to experience what the world that I’ve made. I could easily find myself sinking hundreds of hours into making a world, just to spend hundreds more experiencing it myself.

Also, a side note, I’ve noticed that having parties on causes players to stop making progress, I’m hoping we could get an update letting parties run quests together, or maybe just an update preventing players from running quests under their level, e.g. level 3 players will do quests rated level 3 or 2-3 and not go back to an old zone to accept a level 1 quest, fight under-leveled monsters and unsub as a result.

Thank you for reading, I’m addicted to this game, it’s amazing!


Hey @Storki! Thanks so much for your feedback and welcome to the MT2 forums! I like the idea to be able to test classes by playing as a character. Have logged your feedback and will make sure it’s passed on to the team!

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+1… Also love this idea… Tends to be difficult to gauge the balance-work without experiencing it for yourself.

It would really be the dreamed feature ! Just imagine, evolving in your own MMO, beeing able to to it with some friends. From the begening to the end, it would add countless houres of play on that amazing game !

I was just thinking of something like this… I would love to see lore text added for quests and the ability to have true fetch quests etc so that you can actually play your own MMORPG.