(Suggestion) Saving Classes and Mobs

New to the community, so not 100% if this has been added to the roadmap specifically (could be part of Combat 2.0), but i thought I’d add it to the pile of suggestions.

I picked the game up a couple of days ago on Steam and have already raked up over a dozen hours playing with it, mostly trying different things, seeing how things interact etc(…as you do with an Early Access titles). It looks beyond promising and is actually quite enjoyable already.

One thing I noticed doing over and over though is setting up abilities and building chars - every new map means about 30+ minutes spent setting up the basics. Not to mention the increased complexity once you reach v2.0 and beyond.

Long story short: Is there anything in the pipeline to enable exporting/importing skill sets or whole peep designs between worlds/MMOs?

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This is actually something I definitely want to support (in fact, it’s about 40% implemented already!) It not only will let you export/import them between worlds, it’ll also let you trade them online with other players. :smiley:

I’m really looking forward to getting it all working!

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OMFG! Does that mean mod support?!

Thanks for the quick response btw.

Going to be a very vigilant on this project - loving what I’m seeing so far.

P.S. Your design/fx team are god-tier. Looking forward to progress :slight_smile:

This wouldn’t be “mod support” exactly; you’ll be able to trade these files more easily than that. :smiley:

But with that said, I’m definitely looking forward to also adding support for people to add their own models to the game, which probably is going to happen via Steam Workshop. But that’s further out on the development timeline!