Suggestion: Quest chain

So I love the game so far.
However the first thing I wanted to do was creating quest chains. However all quests seem to be single quests.

My suggestion would be to create that. An easy dropdownmenu telling you “requires completion of” . Off course back end is more complex.

Added this as a suggestion, could not find it on the roadmap or other topics.


Right now, every quest giver NPC gives a single chain of quests.

That is, players must do the first quest in the list before they can do the second one in the list. And then they must do the second before they can do the third. This is why all quests except for the last one require coming back to the quest giver to turn them in, to encourage players to pick up the next quest in the chain!

The current UI doesn’t explain this clearly enough at all, and is definitely one that I’m looking forward to coming back to and revising to make it more obvious!

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If you make the last quest’s destination another quest giver, the players mostly seem to follow the chain (some wander off). Seems to also encourage the “best quests” award.

Can player redoing completed quest?

+1 (except I need 20 characters, thus the parentheticals)