[Suggestion] My suggestion compilation so far

Hi everyone! After getting this game on Steam and playing it I was completely in love with it. I hope to see it grow into it’s full potential. That being said, I decided to hop in the forum and leave a couple of suggestions I thought when facing a few issues in the game. I know it’s a very early stage of the game but I’ll just leave a couple suggestions here that I think would make building our worlds more interesting.

Also, if some of my suggestions is already a mechanic in the game and I havent found it, please let me know and sorry for that and for the long post.


First, I think that there should be two “types” of quests, the generic NPC given quests and questlines. For questlines, I think that a dedicated tab for them would be interesting, under the design window. There, we could create more complex quests that could factor lots of characteristics.

Chain quests: everyone loves a good story in a chain quest, so why not give those to our players? A tick box could be avaiable to make a quest a chain quest. By activating it we could then be prompted to select wich quest comes before this one on a dropdown menu. Also, we could see different color arrows on the map showing the questline path and a summary of all the objectives and gold and xp by stage and total.

Conditional quests: by ticking this box we would be able to select a quest, or quests that need to be done before this quest can be accepted by players.

Quests pointing to assets: currently quests can only point to monster zones, elites, NPCs or buildings. I think that all quests should be able to point to almost any asset in the game. This would open huge possibilities for different quests.

Multiple objective quests: a tipe of chain quest, this would allow us to point a player to an objective and then to another, and so forth. We could select how many objectives a single quest would have in a dropdown menu and then after selecting the first, the game would enable us the option to select the next. Different objectives would be shown as different color arrows on the map.

Party recommended: the option to tick a box and make a quest party recommended. This would encourage players to find a party after accepting it.

Waypoint quests: quests pointing to a waypoint instead of an asset.


We should be able to have some (even if rudimentary) way of raising and lowering therrain, making it flat or to add bodies of water like smal lakes, ponds and rivers.

Asset and terrain paint tool: a spray paint tool would be awesome for landscaping. We could select a type of asset (like small plants) and click on an area to spray paint that asset randomly on that area. For terrains, we could have a pencil tool to draw specific terrain types on an area.

Y axis for modular buildings: we could be able to adjust the Y axis for these buildings. This would create huge new options of scenarios (like docks, sunken buildings, buildings buried in snow, sand, etc).

Non clipping option for modular buildings: Also we could have the option to make a modular building be able to go through another asset. Like a town on the edge of a rock cliff, with just half of the houses poping out of the rock.

Turn off path snapping: this would help a LOT as path snapping is a PAIN.

Inert (dead) NPCs and monsters: allow us to place inert NPCs and monsters. They would behave like an asset and have all the precisa placement axis of regular assets. This would allow us to place them like corpses (like a huge battlefield scene for example).


Labelled zones: just like we can create a monster zone, I think it would be interesting to make label zones so we could name specific parts of our regions. For example, I could draw a zone on a little town and put a label on it like “Pallet Town”. This would have no game impact but we could use it to create quests. Like make a player go to that zone (town) and when he’s there, he would roam the area and thus be able to discover new shops, NPCs and quests. This would pair great with some hidden NPCs giving out some secret quests.

Summary of total stat points: we should be able to see our total stat points (both distributed and granted on versions) at any time, not only when releasing a new version.

Neutral NPCS: we could have the hability to put neutral NPCs. These would not give quests, would not be trainers nor guards, they would just be random people. This would be awesome to populate towns and cities.

NPC roam area: we could also have the option to edit the are in wich an npc roams. On the NPC window we could have an option to draw roam area, and that NPC would be limited to that area. Even better if we could set waypoints for it (I know I’m probably asking too much) but would be nice to make some patrols for guards or a traveling merchant with some nifty quests.


Monster variants: On the monster design window we could have a tick box to create a variant for it. Or a dropdown menu to select how many variants. Variants would be just different color schemes for the same monster. When creating a monster area, the population would be randomly distributed between these variants.

Level range for monster areas: instead of drawing different monster level areas on top of each other, we could have the ability to select a level range for the area, just like we can on a region. Monsters in that area would be randomly distributed on that level range.

Ghost color for monster: we should be able to tick a “ghost” option for a monster design. This would make the monster or NPC a ghost, make it float and change it’s color scheme to transparent allowing us to create more variants of monsters, like ghosts or spirits and new quest options.


Shortcut for changing asset scale: when placing an asset, would be nice to have a shortcut for changing it’s scale, like hold shift or ctrl and using the mousewheel to change it on the fly.

Subscriber management: we could have the level and class shown on the subscriber tab on the overview window. Would also be interesting to have tick boxes to show only specifc classes and levels and also the option to sort by class or by level. We should also be able to see only who we have already warned.

Open player window on notification: when a notification pops out (like first player hitting level 5) we can only focus or dismis. Would be interesting to have a button to open that player window.

Search players: would be nice to be able to search a player by name on the subscriber tab.

Graphs tab: the levels tab on the overview should be a graphs tab, where we coudl se the level graph, class graph, warned graph, banned graph, etc.

More cooldown and casting time options: allow us to set specific cooldowns for skills just like we can edit duration, instead of having to select the cooldown from the dropdown menu, wich limits our options. Same for casting time.

I think thats pretty much it lol. Thank you for reading so far. I’ll update this post as I have any other ideas.


I really love your ideas but I guess it will take several years until some of it will be done


For some reason I can’t edit my post so here are a few more suggestions:

  • Changing quest destination resets the quest name. This should not happen.

  • Mass delete brush tool. We could use this to efficiently clean large chunks of land of all assets.

  • Ship assets: since we already have the ships for the travel system, allow us to place them as free assets for decoration.

  • Idle monsters: so we could create and place them as cows, chickens, etc.


Chain quests and monster variants, among other ideas. I really liked all your ideas. I hope a lot is implemented in the game.