Suggestion: Multiplayer Feature for Streamers and Viewers

Hey there, I recently saw a stream of MMORPG Tycoon 2, and one of the viewers there had a really, really interesting idea I thought I’d share here, for a long, long ways down the development line!

The viewer was talking about, in the future, how they’d love a multiplayer mode where streamers could share a link or code or some such in their stream, and viewers who had bought MMORPG Tycoon 2 could use that link or code to connect to the streamer’s session as one of the random player characters. Choosing a name, and picking their starting class, then spawning in like normal.

Tons of work to make the change, and maybe not feasible or practical to do, but I think it’d be a ridiculously cool feature to be able to join your favourite streamer and actually play along in the game they’re building real-time.

What are other people’s thoughts on it? Any ideas for neat features that could come from this or changes to current implementation? I think it’d be a blast though.


If this was ever possible, it would be such an incredible streaming experience.


I thought of something similar where you can play your own game for yourself but this idea is even greater. If they could manage to make it like that, would make this game an awesome game to stream and watch.


You can play your game kinda, by taking control of any character. I figures out this way, that some of my mobs are too powerful for new players.

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