Suggestion Compilation

Hello! I love the game. After seeing how close the developer is to the community, I decided I’d make an account to throw in a few suggestions that could be nice to have in the future. I will try to keep this post as organized as possible.

Disambiguation: I’ll be calling Player the simulated players inside the game, and I’ll be calling Game Owner (GO) the actual real-life player (you) playing this game.

1. Respec Options
It would be interesting to give your players an option to respec their characters into another class. This could either be limited by a set number of times (up to the GO’s choice) or purchased by the player with either gold or real-life money. Having this option in your game could lead to less unhappyness with classes, with the drawback of your classes generating less addiction the more you allow your players to respec their characters.

2. Advanced Classes or Subclasses
This would give the players the possibility of ascending to a better class upon reaching certain levels or completing certain special quests. You could have it happen the normal way, in which they just switch to a new class and keep playing, or you could go the old Ragnarok way, in which they restart at level 1 but with a brand new stronger class.

3. Classes locked behind pay-wall
Everybody knows of an MMO or two with classes that can only be played if you purchase them with real money. This could be a great way of generating extra income.

4. Premium Access
Players could buy premium access to have unlimited access to things that would otherwise require real-life money to use. Tired of paying 5$ every time you wanna fly between regions? Give us 40$ and you’ll be able to do it freely for as long as your premium lasts!

5. Players reporting players
This one is pretty straight-forward and I imagine you have thought of it yourself already, but having players be able to report other cheating players would come in handy.

6. Graphics Upgrade
I know this would be tricky for a number of reasons, but I’ll throw it in here anyway. What if we could purchase upgrades to make the game look better? Meaning, things like the glitter effect we can already toggle in regions and stuff, maybe even purchase an upgrade to add a day-night cycle to regions.

7. Deluxe Edition
Pretty much a version which comes with 4. Premium Access included, maybe offering a discount. Or even a Platinum Edition with premium access for life (along with a price tag full of 0’s).

8. Regions locked behind pay-wall
Regions that could only be accessed if you’re a premium player or bought permanently as DLC.

That’s all I can think of for now. I hope it doesn’t take too much of your time to read through this. Thanks for the awesome game.