Suggestion: AI Should Prioritize Ability Healing

The way that the AI uses healing abilities is pretty clunky. They always prioritize potions over healing abilities, which to me is quite unintuitive. I would assume that players would prefer to use their healing spells instead of wasting potions. The other problem with this is that players will refuse to use any ability that has a heal effect on it unless they’re out of potions. This is a huge problem if you tag a heal effect on to a buff spell as the player won’t use their buff until the very end of the fight when they’re all out of potions.

Both of these problems could be fixed if players prioritized ability healing instead of potions.

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Good thought! I’m a little nervous about people never using potions if they have any healing abilities… but we’ll give this a try in the next ‘test’ build and see how people like it. :smiley:


Sounds good! Thanks for the response! :grinning:

Base it on remaining mana. If mana is more than 50% full, favor abilities; if less, favor potions.
Sorry, I guess we have to consider the cost source of the ability, if any. The code would have to look at the abilities and see what their costs are then check to see the percentage of that resource (health/mana/rage). If the ability has no cost, it would always be favored over potions, unless it was on cooldown.

I noticed that these changes went through with the most recent build and I’m a big fan! It feels like a definite improvement to me as I’m getting to see all sorts of healing abilities that I previously didn’t see until the player ran out of potions. Also for me players are still using potions, but now they use them when they have no other option - which makes a lot of sense to me.