Subscribers Stuck Following A Monster

Issue: Players get stuck following a monster around
Crash: No
Platform: Linux
See above. Players begin following a single monster around in large droves - in a well-populated zone I had ~400 users following a single monster around. They do not attack, and in their info panel the AI seems to be trying to perform other tasks like “chat” or “go to an inn”. After playing around a little bit, it seems that the issue is caused by changing the density of monsters with players hunting in the zone - most of the players crowd to a single monster immediately upon clicking “apply”.

Reloading the save or manually relocating each individual user solves the issue. Killing the monster causes the players to select another monster to follow.

Edit: I should’ve mentioned, but this is on the testing branch.

Interesting! I’ll do some digging and see if I can’t figure out what’s going wrong.

I am unable to reproduce on 0.17.132, players are now behaving as expected. Thanks for your work!

Thanks for confirming, @Rogem!