Subscribers misnumbered?

Issue: In the overview, subs tab there are subscribers numbered higher than my subscriber count.
Crash: No
Platform: Mac
Description: I was randomly going through my overview when I saw at the top of the list there are subscribers with the numbers 1803 and 1783 when in the top left corner it says I only have 1653 subscribers. Scrolling down there are more subscribers with numbers higher than 1653. When I exit the game and reload it they are still numbered the same. Btw the box ‘Only Logged in users’ is checked.

I’m not sure that this is a bug;

Every subscriber gets a unique number which tells you the order in which they subscribed. The “subscriber count” just tells you how many people are still subscribed. You’ll wind up with higher “subscriber id” numbers when people unsubscribe from your game.

That probably isn’t clear enough at the moment!

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