Subscribers disappearing after entering in a region

Issue: Some subscribers after entering in a level 2 region, just disappear without log out.
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 64 bits
Description: (Sometimes when a subscriber goes into a new region (in this case
level 2) it just disappears without a trace. Here’s a GIF:

This is reminding me of something we’ve seen before… probably somewhere in the Bugs - Fixed category, now. Going to go look for it, see if this might be related.

I believe I am seeing this behavior as well except it’s a level 3 region.

Okay, here’s what’s happening:

These users are travelling into a new region, then once they reach the end of the mountain pass they check the clock and realise that they’re outside their normal play hours. And since they have no home set in the new region, they immediately log off.

I’m working to figure out an alternate thing for them to do. Maybe just don’t have them log out until they’ve figured out a home.

EDIT: What I’ve done is threefold:

  1. Players now always know what level regions are, so you won’t have level 3 players exploring into level 1 regions out of ignorance any more. Similarly, level 1 players won’t explore into level 2 regions; they already know that other region is a level 2 region.
  2. When players are inside a region and have not yet set a home in that region, they automatically learn where all the inns within that region are.
  3. When players have not yet set a home and are past the end of their playing window, if there is an inn in their current region, they will first go to that region and set it as their home, and then log out inside that inn. Previously, when a player was past the end of their playing window if they hadn’t set a home they would just immediately log out, wherever they happened to be.
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