Subscribers and online

In the new update, there was a decline in the online server.I don’t understand what this is about.I have 39718 subscribers and only 2500-3500 online.I would like to know why this happened and how to fix it.And advertising is essentially very useless and I would like to get more functions to raise online on the server.In the previous update, online was 10000+!!!

this was part of the play schedule update, basically the subscribers now log in based on their addiction levels so not all subscribers will log in every day. higher the addiction level, the more frequently they log in.

this was designed to decrease the overall subscribers in the game at any given time to help with region overloading and performance.

Online has fallen too much.I would be happy if at least 5000+ remained and 3500 is too little. I have 10 locations in the game and I would like to have an average of 500+ online on each one. I have a fairly normal computer and I’m not afraid to lose 2-3 fps. I hope to introduce a function where you can choose between high and low online(for weak PCs).It also interferes with the normal development of the game. People who don’t play for a long time and are not addicted leave the game too quickly. at level 3-4, they no longer enter. It turns out that at level 1 more than all people and content on high lvle people stupidly do not see because they do not reach it.

I would suggest you start a new game. I know it sucks to lose all your hard work but the way the game plays with the new update will change how you design your world.

as an example, you no longer need a second level 1 and 2 zone before the third week. this allows you to spend your money on growing the game vertically instead of horizontally.

your online count will come back up, but they’ll be spread across all of your zones instead of stuck inside the first few.

edit: another tip to help get players into your higher level zones, lessen your leveling curve by increasing how much XP quests and kills give. also make sure you have enough quests for your players to be able to level through a zone because some players wont just grind kills for XP and will give up.