Subscriber UI changes.

There are plenty of reasons that one might click on a player in their game. The one I’m currently having the most frustrations with is finding toxic players. Now this ropes into the UI since it takes me 3 clicks to warn any specific person. clicking them, clicking the tags, and hold clicking to warn them, which arguable takes 4 clicks. I love the mouse and I love the way it morphs but when the UI has that shattered appearance when it appears on the screen it makes it even more difficult to precisely see where your mouse is in relation to the categories.
I’d propose as a UI change, that would keep the last previous screen (info, inv, tags, etc) when selecting subsequent players. I.E. (You click tags on a toxic player, and clicking to another player instantly opens you up to the tags page).
And if that is unacceptable maybe a sort of CTRL+1.2.3… to select different pages on the character screen.

This is slightly off topic but why isnt the thoughts report section and the warn section on the same bar?
I have to click off of the thoughts reports to even begin to warn someone, and then when I go back to them I have to go through the whole charade of clicking it until it brings me back to me previously left off spot. The thoughts reports should be a sort of layer that I can remove when I feel like im done with the reason I opened it for. If it’s still confusing, try looking at your thought report to see toxic players, and then punish one of them, and boom, where did the rest of the circles go? You have to go all the way back to the thoughts report and open it up again.