Strange behaviour and other stuff


So after playing the game for all day on the newest build i have some feedback!

Strange subscriber behaviour

After finale getting my subscribers to do the killing quests i found some things that seem kinda strange. They only go to the mobzone that is next to the town. They do not go anywhere else. They even ignore the quests that tells them to go to another mobzone or to an npc that is near a mobzone.

All subscribers just farm that one mobzone and they are building up groups of same class and run around like a bunch of ants. Switching the zone to high does not help at all to keep up with all the subscribers.

A problem with the start of the game

So i made a new game to test a theory i had. I made a starting zone with a nice town and some quests. Normally i would make the players start with some tutorial quests like going to the Inn, Tavern, Blacksmith, Potion Shop, etc. And after a nice little tour they would get the first quest to go hunt some mobs.

I made a savegame and started the game. Everything went the way i had planned it. They did all the little tutorial quests and got to level 2 before even figthing one mob. But after that they did nothing anymore. They just socialized and thats it. Even making a level 2 zone did not help. They went to the zone but stayed in town.

I reloaded the savegame and deleted the tutorial quests. I made killquests and started the game again. Player picked up the killquests and went killing mobs. But only at the first mobzone, because after they reached level 2 they stayed in town again.

So my guess would be that the players don’t want to do any level 1 content after reaching level 2. And thats a problem. Because why would i have to make a big zone for one level if the players reach the next level in a really short time and do not even visit 20% of the zone. Makes me sad for all the work i did to make it as nice as possible.

That would be all for now. But i really wanne help make this game as great as possible so i’ll give as much feedback as i can!


Hi, Mittenz!

You’re correct; once players reach level 2, they lose all interest in level 1 content. They really want to move on to level 2 content!

A thing to be aware of is that players have ‘needs’ (you can see them on the ‘Stats’ tab, when you select one of them), and different activities fulfill those needs. Most of the time, the players are going to do whatever will help fulfill whatever needs are lowest at the moment. So things like gaining levels and completing quests fulfill the “advancement” need. And so once that’s full (it tends to fill up whenever a player gains a level), they’re probably not going to be interested in trying to gain another level for a while; they’ll be more interested in socialising, in selling loot, and in exploring. Eventually they’ll get back in the mood to go up another level, though, as soon as that “advancement” need starts to drop again!

Ok i kinda knew that there is stuff like that. But like i said it makes all the effort to create a starting zone filled with quests and highlights good for nothing, because reaching level 2 happens in a extremly small time.

I think letting us set zones for different levels like 1-3 would be the best solution. As far as i remember that is already planned right?