Starting Point Bug?

I build a second Starting Point in a different region, but it says not yet activated
Is there something I must do to activate it? the Region is working fine, except the starting point

“Not yet activated” means that one of your developers hasn’t been to it yet to turn the building on. Often this means that you have the game simulation paused (your developers only work while the simulation is running), or there’s no respawn point in the region (your developers can only get into the region through the respawn points)… or maybe they just have a big backlog of tasks to do and will get to it once they’ve gotten through all their other work. (that’s much less common, though! You can check how many dev jobs are queued up in the Dev Report, on the ‘Reports’ tab of the main action bar, and see how many developers are currently active)

Ooh, thank you so much, just had to hire more devs because they had a lot to do with bugs… thanks for this fast answer