SpyParty now in Early Access

So I’m very likely to have the last build pre-MS15 tonight; perhaps in three or four hours. I have one last little bit of UI work that I want to squeeze in, but the tutorial is now in place, and a bunch of little bugs and UI gotchas have been sorted out. Full details, as always, in the version log.

Slowing me down a little bit, today specifically, is that SpyParty has just come into Early Access on Steam.

Of course, I’ve been playing the game since 2013, so it’s nothing new to me at this stage. But it’s been amazing to see it suddenly go fully public and getting so much attention. I’ve spent rather a lot of time in their lobby today, just playing matches against new players from Steam, and teaching good strategies (to the extent that I know any!)

Brief precis: SpyParty is an asymmetrical two-player competitive multiplayer game. It is basically a reverse Turing test, in which a single human player (the “spy”), tries to hide themselves in a group of 8-12 AI players. And while pretending to be an AI player, they try to accomplish certain objectives within a tight time limit, without allowing the other player (the “sniper”) to figure out which of the party’s guests is the one being controlled by a human. The sniper gets just one shot; if they hit the single human, they win. If they hit literally anyone else (or if the spy successfully finishes their missions), then they lose.

The game is all about learning the hidden rules that the AI players play by, and then learning to mimick those rules (or as the sniper, to spot someone who isn’t successfully mimicking them). I love the game, personally; it’s one of those games that I wish I had thought of myself. :smiley:

Anybody else playing it?

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Not really my thing but I Have been following its development for years. PCGamer UK had a big thing for it years ago when I was still buying the mag so its great to see that its made it to steam. I will probably watch streamers play it but I doubt I will myself.

It’s especially meaningful to me because it’s another solo-dev game which started at about the same time I started work on MT2, after spending a silly amount of time in development. And they beat me to Early Access. Aww…

(I think they were in active development for a while before us, though; MT2 was a weekends-only project for me for the first several years of development)

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