Speed of gaining levels

In the greenlight @trevor said we could make a game where the players level up very quick
if do not remember this

and the player can’t change the velocity that the player level up (at least where i reached,at the get 5 players to level 2 mission)

The game isn’t complete yet. There’s still lots of stuff to go in!


Also, it’s worth noting that the current default setup of the game is very much the “everyone reaches max level quickly” design, as every level requires just 10 experience points to reach the next level, instead of requiring increasing amounts of experience for each new level.

Classic World of Warcraft, for example, used experience scaling such that at each level (up to level 40, at the time) required you to gain as the equivalent of killing 8 monsters times your current level, in order to reach the next level. So to grind from level 1 to level 2 would require killing 8 level 1 monsters. Grinding from 2 to 3 would require killing 16 level 2 monsters. From 3 to 4 would require 24 level 3 monsters. And so on. And higher-level monsters were themselves worth more XP than lower-level ones, but that really just obfuscated the geometric scaling that was going on.

Of course, if you were doing quests, the quest rewards would be in addition to that so you wouldn’t typically need to actually kill that many monsters, but you get the idea; more XP required at higher levels, so gaining each successive level requires more time than the previous one, and the amount of extra time added for each subsequent level is approximately equal. (Caveat: Blizzard changed this formula after a few expansions; now players are vastly accelerated through levels 1-60, to try to get them into the higher-level content quickly. Is that something that we want to be able to do? That would require a much more complicated interface…)

In MMORPG Tycoon 2 at the moment, all monsters are worth 1 XP. (Higher-level monsters should be worth more XP and lower-level monsters should be worth less, but I don’t believe I’ve actually implemented that yet). And each level requires 10 XP to reach the next one. MT2’s current level scaling absolutely is the “fast-track-to-max-level” model right now. What’s missing is the ability to not do that.

In retrospect, I should probably have the default be to do something more like classic WoW’s geometric level scaling; it would mean that players wouldn’t advance quite so quickly, which currently can be a bit of a problem once you’re past the early game; you very quickly wind up with a very small number of level 3 and level 4 players, and so you often have to build really far ahead of the main bulk of your subscribers; making big investments to provide enough content for those level 4 players to keep them happy, even though there are only two or three of them. Maybe slowing down the advancement rate as levels rise would provide larger numbers of higher-level players; stop them from separating out quite so quickly.

Yes, experience-required-per-level scaling definitely needs to be tweakable by the end user. Just a matter of figuring out how to expose it, and where it should go; whether it should be a setting that is locked during New Game creation, or whether it’s something that goes in the MMORPG Overview interface, and can be adjusted in an already-running game. There’s no technical reason that it couldn’t be changed while the game is running, but locking the player into an initial choice might be more interesting, from a game design point of view. Need to think about that.

oh ok,but remember to Always finish your quests :stuck_out_tongue: (in the truth finish the promises)
it could get a NEGATIVE BUZZ about you game if you do not finish your promises