Spawn Point proximity bug

Topic: Lvl 1 players are using a level 3 spawn point to respawn:
Did the game crash: No
My Platform: Windows
Current Version: 0.18.38-gfc5113c_win64
Description: I started very recently a new game on sandbox mode, designed up to a level 4 zone, and I still dont have even a single player past level 2. While looking around on the scenery, I realized level 1 players are using a spawn point on a level 3 region, which I can only guess it happened since the level 3 point is very close to the walls of the level 1 region. Is this a bug? Can I not forbid players from using spawn points of other regions they are not in?

If by Spawn Point you mean Start Point, I used to have a Start point in every 20 zones and noticed a level 1 player spawn in level 13 zone and try to run back to level 1.

In a separate, post under the subject of Oh how it sucks to be a lvl 1 user with no gold! we discovered that there should be only 1spaen point in level 1 to allow new players to log into the game and all others players will sign out and sign back into the zone they signed out of and not use the Start Point

You can read that conversation here:
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I’ll check this out!

Ty for the response, but that is not my problem; I did actually read upon that topic to make sure if that could be it, but no. I am dealing with single level regions, by Spawn Point I actually mean the “graveyards” from which the players respawn after dying for whatever reason. Since am in sandbox and basically had a zone 4 by day 2, I barely got the 100 players to level 2 for the milestone, and then I noticed a bunch of people in a level zone 3 when there isnt a single player that achieved that level yet, and that is when I noticed this bug.

I haven’t managed to reproduce this, and the code looks pretty clear that dead players will only respawn at graveyards in the same region they’re in, even if there’s a closer graveyard in a different region, so I’m not sure how that could happen.

Can you submit the save file so I can take a look and see what’s going wrong? You can do that using this interface in-game:

I didnt know about the tool and am sorry for the late reply, but I just uploaded the savefile; it was an autosave before X version that JUST had the bug happened. I thought it was a problem with a graveyard near the spider zone I made in zone 3, but apparently the players were using the one in the outpost for that same region and then flying to that (spider) graveyard for… path finding reasons? All of them are level 1 and doing a quest I made, so by all means they shouldnt be there.