Some thoughts I can't find a solution to

Maybe I am miss-understanding the player thoughts, but I am not sure how I’m supposed to fix some of these thoughts.
Case point: I have “I keep dying” 873 times, but I would assume the point is to fight stuff and die. It doesnt seem to be largely affecting the happiness as the 873 keeps going up but so does happiness. Is it just that their default choice of fighting the crocodiles is just the crocodiles are too hard?
Also, I have “There are too many jerks in chat!” 145 times, but I have no help tickets and I don’t know how to moderate ‘chat’.
I also had the no one to teach combat ability but I saw someone in the forums say something about having a person for all the classes and it made me realize I had only placed scout trainers because I thought that it was only cosmetic as to what they looked like, it wasn’t readily apparent I needed a trainer for every class.

You are correct re: “I keep dying” thoughts; those thoughts are currently being generated incorrectly; they get generated every time someone dies for any reason, when really they should only be generated when someone dies and respawns several times in a row, and never during PVP combat.

For the moment, it’s safe to ignore those thoughts. It’s on my list of things to correct!

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Aha, glad I wasn’t too scared then! Thank you for the response! I did nerf bears a bit because at level 2 they were just destroying anyone who chose to challenge them!
Also, I know this isn’t directly within the original scope of the topic but I did see somewhere (I can’t find it now) Someone asking about being able to scale down the size of scenery. Is that a possible change we may see, or is it already implemented and I’m not seeing the way to do it? I find it comical to have such large mushrooms but very unwieldy and frankly offputting to want to try and make scenery work as I have very limited options other than like placing 8 mushrooms and moving on.
Edit: You didn’t mention the ‘too many jerks in chat’ thought, is that because I’m just missing the answer to solving that thought or is it simply that you are taking the time to find the answer? Either case is fine, I just want to make sure it wasn’t missed in case it’s something that shouldn’t be happening as well!

For the “There are too many jerks in chat!” problem, here is what I do:

First I activate the Thoughts Report in the Report section. Then I click the “There are too many jerks in chat!” comment and it creates a heatmap.

What I do next is checking every character in the marked region, by leftclicking him and then check the “Stats” menu. Then there you can see a “tags”-label. If there stands “toxic” I give em a warning and the tag switches to: “toxic, warned, on best behavior.”.

This job is a real nuisance, but it works and the comments are decreasing. Maybe there’s a faster way to do this, but haven’t found it yet. Hope I could help.

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yeah GM’s should take care of the problem players like they fix buildings

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Devs fix buildings… Gms do help tickets… Lol