Some questions from a curious player

Hi! The greatest developer group! I’m very happy to know such a game that I love it. I’m a Chinese player who knows some English, and I also contribute to for this game. I just so love this game that has several questions only for curiosity. Also, after the localization process is done, it would be good if you invite some people to make sure that all text in the game has a consistent style and terms. And I am very pleased if your need people to do that. So here are my questions:

  1. I find that your roadmap stops at the end of 2021; I think it might be time to update it because many players like me want to know your next step, including when to end the EA or what cool things you will bring to this game after world boss are added.

  2. Do you have any plan for the equipment system? In my personal opinion, add some appearance for the different level weapons would be a good thing. And relative to this, is there any drop system development plan?