Some polls for y’all

is network, and bandwidth good or bad?

  • Networking is awesome
  • Networking isn’t awesome

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Which mode is better?

  • Normal
  • Sandbox

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I hate networking with a passion
I can not figure it out, no matter how many lines I make my monster pits keep flashing as if they are offline
this is the main turn-off for me and why I can not play the game… i work hard to make it look nice/interesting and then everything keeps flashing non-stop. give up and turn off the game, keep waiting until it is replaced or get rid off completely

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You should see how many uplinks you have, everything in your game uses a little bandwidth, here’s what I do;

  1. I typically use 2-3 uplinks for a region depending on how popular it is, and if it has lots of traffic.
  2. I section off a zone into 2-3 parts for the cables, I try not to have them overlap.
  3. You can use a capacitor to save bandwidth until you need it.
  4. I usually connect the capacitor with other “sections” of the zone, that way they both can take and give bandwidth to the stockpile as needed.
  1. I typically have an Uplink in each corner.

  2. I believe that would be a capacitor.

Thanks, I wish the game was clearer about how bandwidth is distributed and used.