Some micro-suggestions for the game

So here is another topic for suggestions ^^ I really enjoy the game, it got so much potential and I’m loving it right now. Here are a fiew ideas for future update

1-Flight points:
Yeah, I know these are in the game but what about crossing regions with it ? Could be a system like WoW, you can set prices of flights between two points and go to others regions with it.

So when I started my first game, I wanted to start on a island but it turns out to be a bad idea because of travels in the sea. The really good thing (and if you’re making it at some point, you’re the best) is to have some kind of port that you can build near water and like flight points, you connect them for roads.

OF COURSE, more models and stuff for scenary but you already working on it ^^

3-More biomes for variety, could be awersome, like an faerie one or desolate one

4-I forget to say that in 2:
I did forget, another means for travelling between regions could be a teleporter, also a tunnel througth the moutains would be cool too

5-Very important:
That one is quite important for me, the scenary models are cool as it is now but add an option for the scale, sometimes it’s too big and I want a pretty town ^^ Yeah, that one is important. Ah, and also new roads types would be great, like a dirt one that you can put in mob zones to be more realistic.

Last one, the entire network thing is quite shady, maybe change descripions for a better one ? And show the bandwith a region needs could be a solution as well.

That’s it ! Thanks for reading it ! I really enjoy the game as it is now and I hope for the best in the future !

For flight points they have a price set under “service” and you can make flight paths go to different regions without making a mountain pass. I have 3 level 1 zones and the only way to leave is by flight path which i set to 100gold to force them to quest first before leaving.

Ah, didn’t saw it, I must be blind then :sunglasses:
@Shrikemoon thanks ! ^^