Some Ideas I Think Would Greatly Improve the Game

Love the game so far. I think it has huge potential and know that the devs have a lot of plans to add things to the game. Here’s a list of some of my ideas that I think would greatly improve my and surely other players’ experience with the game!

Player Items / Gear
This is one of the things I think could really benefit from a lot of added customization options / added complexity. For Example:

  1. Being able to set a weapon model type for each class / npc. No longer would my wizards be walking around with great swords!

  2. More gear types. So far, players can only obtain a weapon. I would like so see more gear types that can be equipped. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy like WoW is with 10+ pieces of gear. It could just be something as simple as like a weapon, armor, and some piece of jewelry (ring, necklace, trinket, etc.).

  3. Blacksmith improvements. In addition to the increase gear types, I would like to see the option to customize the gear that the blacksmith sells to the players. Not so much aesthetically, but stats wise. For example, if the blacksmith sells a weapon, armor, and ring, I would like to see an option to set how each of those items affects the player. Just a simple % increase in all stats for each piece. So I could set the weapon. armor, and ring to each provide, lets say, a 5% increase to all stats. This could go along with how the current system works with just the weapon. If the gear is “good” then the stat bonus will be applied. If it is “unsuitable” then the stat bonus will not be applied, or applied at a diminished value. This has the potential to allow the option of putting very difficult content for players to do that they would otherwise not be able to do with unsuitable gear.

Okay so the questing system seems pretty good baseline. It does what it needs to do. However, I would love to see options for more complexity with quests, such as:

  1. Prerequisites. Adding an option for prerequisites such as player level or completion of other quests from different NPCs would be great. I think this would be a good way of effectively implementing multi-level zones.

  2. Quest rewards! I would like to see the option of adding additional quest rewards such as potions or level appropriate gear (customizable as mentioned above). You could even make it so that the stats of the gear are independent from stats of the gear that players can just buy at the shop. So I could theoretically make this long quest chain that rewards a very powerful weapon at the end!

  3. Multiple objectives. I think it would be cool if you could have up to lets say 3 total objectives for a given quest. So I could have a player go to a location/landmark, kill normal enemies, and then kill the elite enemy in the area before returning for their reward.

  4. Quest flavor text! Yes, the quests have a title. But I would love to have the option of creating full descriptions for each quest. This way I could actually tell a story with my quests instead of it just being "go here, talk to this guy, kill 5 of these enemies, etc.

  5. Edit: Mob drop quests. This is a suggestion someone else made that I absolutely agree with. I would like to see a new quest type, loot x amount of “insert item name here” from “insert enemy name here”. And you could input how many you need to collect and the drop rate %.

Class Stats and Abilities
I love how customizable the stats and abilities are in this game. Though there are a few things I would like to see added!

  1. Custom rage and mana regeneration rates for each class. Pretty self explanatory, X amount per second. Sometimes the default generation of mana and rage isn’t ideal and has in some cases made classes difficult to balance.

  2. AoE abilities! Now I know that this could potentially be a little harder to implement. As from what I understand, currently skills do not differentiate between ally and foe. So I can control a player and damage other players and heal enemies. Also, there’s the potential issue of AI not knowing the right time to use an AoE ability. There would have to be some kind of enemy engagement counter maybe? Not sure. But just thought I’d throw the idea of AoE abilities out there!

  3. Dispell. Just a simple removal of negative affects such as weaken, slow, or damage over time.

  4. Damage buff. While there is the weaken ability, I would also like to see a damage buff ability as well!

  5. Summon abilities. This one may also be difficult to implement. But it would be so cool for a hunter to have the ability to summon a pet wolf or a necromancer to be able to summon a skeleton to aid them.

  6. More ability FXs and FX customization options! I would love to see some additional ability animations and perhaps the ability to change like the size of the animation, add multiple projectiles or like a barrage effect.

World Building
More stuff to put in the world is always a good thing. I would like to see some of the following:

  1. Different path types. Right now we just have like a cobblestone path, but I would like to see a couple more. Maybe like a dirt and a brick path?

  2. A size slider for scenery objects. Pretty self explanatory but a feature that I would welcome greatly!

  3. Terrain manipulation. A brush feature to flatten, raise, and lower terrain would help a lot in creating perfect environment for my players! Edit: I realize this is technically in the game already, but I would like more control over how flat or deep or mountainous I can make the terrain with the brushes.

  4. Colors! I would love to be able to customize a color pallet for buildings and scenery objects!

  5. Zone manipulation. This one’s a shot in the dark, but the ability to modify the boundaries of zones, making them larger or smaller and maybe being able to merge, remove or add zones? I think this would be a very cool feature and would allow for the creation of very cool looking worlds maps.

Here are some other random suggestions.

  1. Better subscriber info. I would like to be able to organize my list of subscribers better so I can more easily find certain ones! I would like to be able to set a filter based on things like name, level, and which subscriber number they are.

  2. MOUNTS! I would love for there to be a mount shop that we can add to our towns. And I think it would be cool to be able to customize the mount type, how fast they are, and what level the player should be to be able to purchase them. Also maybe the option for the shop to sell multiple different mount types with varying prices, speeds, and level requirements.

  3. The ability to ACTUALLY play your game with a class of your choice. Yes, this may be another long shot but probably one of the features that I would be the most excited to see. I want to choose a class, do the quests, level up and train new abilities. I want to be able to move the abilities around on the bar and maybe be able to keybind them? And I think when playing, I should be able to boost in level, give gold, full heal, etc. if I so chose to. This would allow players to actually playtest the classes they’ve made and experience the game for themselves. While I think it would just be a blast to play through my own game, I do think that it would also be helpful with balancing decision make.

That’s pretty much everything I can think of off the top of my head right now. I will add more in edits as I think of more ideas. Hopefully a dev will see this post and take my suggestions into consideration! :slight_smile:


The quest title actually has no character limit, or at least a very large one. As long as you’re okay with never seeing the description in a decently sized font or not being cut off, you can write the description in the title.

I would just really enjoy the option to create an awesome in-depth story throughout the game ya know? Just kinda not feasible as is. Like even though I can make the titles super long for that, its not much of a workaround if I couldn’t ever actually see the description.

Nevermind he just put in a limit. Dang man. I hope either descriptions are added soon or that is reversed. Now all my quest titles are screwed.

I also would like to see Item Gear to be implemented and customizable

i would love it if i could create my own items and add them to the loot table of my own mobs
and a seperated loot table for boss mob version

the game could auto resolve how much the so created item is worth in gold and or let the player edit this aswell

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Yes, if we could set items for enemies to drop, set the drop rate and value that would be amazing!

I started using the quest titles as ‘ambiguous’ stories.
I have this warrior as an cargo escort with the following 5 quests:
Escort the Cargo. -Talk to warrior in town (suppose to be him again at the other end. The town is infested with rats )
Argh… I hate rats. Get it away! - kill 5 lvl 1.
I really HATE rats! - kill 15 lvl 2.
Bigger… rats!? - kill 5 lvl 3.
What even is THAT?! - kill [elite mob name] lvl 2.

Felt like it’ll tell a good enough story.

You should feel lucky. At least your users buy Gear. Mine wont buy a weapon at the starting village. They rather choose to go in barehanded and then complaining that the ‘Game is difficult’. I even gave them a quest to go to the blacksmith and set the cost to 0 gold and most still choose their fists…

Quest Level prerequisites is a good suggestion.
The users keep complaining about dying while trying to complete a lvl 4 mission at level 1 -_-…

I’d like to add the following:
Passive abilities, something like buff overall dmg by #% for each # Rage.
Currently I have a workaround for this by making an ability that costs 1 rage, then I strengthen or heal the castor for # over 1 second, and grant them 1 rage back.
The problem is, it seems like the users don’t use it “like a passive” and only activates it every now and then. Edit: Oh and the fact that it doesn’t scale (1 rage = 1% strength, 5 rage = 1% instead of 5%).

Add conditions to abilities (similar to how cost work). When health < 50% (allow activation), when rage is 100% (allow activation).

Specify target for individual ability effects. I’d like to make an ability that damages the enemy and buffs the castor, like deal 5 damage and strengthen yourself for 5 seconds. I have not found a suitable workaround for this yet. (this might also help make AOE abilities plausible I.E. distinguish between enemy and other player)

Add more Ability effects, like Strengthen (opposite of weaken), I’d like to add speed or evade (opposite of slow) and similar contrasts.

World Building
Scenery objects are way out of proportion, the size slider would be very appreciated.

Moar stuffs please. I really enjoy using the modular buildings, it’s quite surprising how much empty space you can fill with these buildings. However, I am running out of décor ideas really fast.

I hope this is the right place to voice our suggestions?

It would also be great to be able to interact with scenery items as targets for quests. Right now you can only interact with buildings…