Some ideas from a fresh mind (just passed 40 or 50 hours)

Other than the obvious, cant wait for guild / faction / dungeon addition. Heres some of my ideas…

1:More female styles. So ive noticed theres really only 2 or 3 female styles… (One with a v neck style torso, and the thief prefab). And if you stretch it theres really only 2 female style head (thief and possibly champion prefab).

2:Party pvp. While 1v1 pvp is cool and all, 4v4 would be cool too.

3: Bigger parties. Maybe parties up to 6 players would be nice for those thicker enemy patches.

4: Ability to add your own prefab character designs (like skills)

5: PvP region toggle. Ability to turn certain areas pvp off (like those level 1 areas)

6: Create your own dungeons. For the dungeons maybe make it ‘instanced’ but move to a different tile in the world, dedicated for that.

7: ‘Attachment points’ on the torso. Aligning the arms / legs is a pain and a half… Atleast be able to adjust BOTH arms / legs at the same time… & when you put the slider for left/right, make it in / out.

8: ‘Quick spawn’ npcs for those who have crafted our own ‘dungeons’ / castle mazes so players can respawn at the entrance and rejoin their party.

9: Party Only zones. An option for party only zones would add a nice layer for live, in zone, ‘dungeon mazes’.

Almost forgot 10: the big one… CHECK LIST OF BASIC WEAPON TYPES CLASSES CAN USE! Lol im so tired kf watching my ARCHERS running around with SHOVELS! Are they flinging poo at them?! Lol.

11: gms, who can deal with cheaters once you’ve scanned them. It would help automate things while yes, you can scan then warn them… But be able to set if the gm warns OR bans then depending on how many offenses they have.