Some ideas for MMORPG Tycoon 2

Hello, I am creating this topic to submit ideas for MMORPG Tycoon 2.

1 - Increase the size of players and characters.

2 - Translate the game into different languages ​​(with experts in these languages ​​not like some games.

3 - Create elements of complex scenery with the players can interact (example: a farmer with his field who would create a resource every X minutes).

4 - Give surveys to MMORPG players to find out what they want.

5 - Update a podium of the players of the week to give a special object or money to the best.

6 - To be able to create an avartar with which we could test our MMORPG and if possible with our real friends.

7 - Create a dungeon of your choice from among several and create our puzzles with different blocks.

Thank you for replying to me and for reading this message!

P.S.: Can I have the key to the official discord of the game

Here’s some ideas I’ve come up with after a night of playing – love the new skills update:

Class/creature creation:
for spells:
* CC features (slow, stun, incapacitate/fear)
* DoT/HoTs (x damage/healing/mana every y seconds for z seconds)
* cast time/channeling
* Buffs (+speed, shield, temporary immunity)

  • Similar to how terrain increases patch number, changes to classes should similarly increase the patch number to emulate patches that are heavily based on class balance

  • Add cheat detection/autoban upgrades (e.g. if you hover over someone cheating, they will be instantly warned or banned), maybe make the ban/warning a dev/GM task?

  • Add the ability to select decorations/scenery and copy/paste it

Loving the game and loving the direction it’s moving in, keep up the great work!

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