Some ideas about the future of the game are great if they are useful to developers

Dear game developer.
Here are some of my thoughts on this game, if it can help you, that would be great!
Let me first summarize some of the advantages of this game:

  1. The theme is novel and the game world is created, which is almost unheard of in the previous games.
  2. The painting style is good and the picture is beautiful.
  3. Some details are very good, they are handled in a very good way.

Here are some disadvantages:

  1. At present, there are many bugs. For example, people can freely cross the city wall (there is no door on the wall of the Ming Dynasty). There are model problems. If the character model is lower, its hat will fly in the sky, and other similar bugs.

  2. You will be tired at the end of playing. Now playing a cycle is nothing more than opening a new area and copying a series of operations in this area.

  3. The calculation of character’s attribute value in the game. According to my current observation, the attribute after character upgrade is directly twice as much as before. To be honest, it is rarely used in games like this.

Next, I’m going to make some suggestions on the following points. If it helps you, that would be great!

  1. For the problems with many bugs at present, I think the production team will solve them one by one, so I can’t give any suggestions.

  2. For a loop game, I put forward the following ideas.

  3. With the in-game system, I know that the team building system is being made now. Of course, this is an essential element of RPG Games. However, I think we should make more systems in the future, including props system. Props include equipment, drugs, disposable consumables, etc. these props can be purchased in shopping malls or obtained from monsters. Developers can customize the equipment props, including the shape, attribute, grade and effect of the props. For example, some props have blood sucking effect, and consuming props will cause continuous damage to the enemy, etc. of course, I think it is also possible to carry out boss activities around the world. All subscribers can participate in this activity. Then, rewards will be given according to the current level of area. The reward can be based on the current damage degree to the boss. Therefore, there is another system, namely, the boss system, which is customized by developers and has strong attributes. It is often played by a team of players. After playing some basic rewards, there are some unique props customized by developers according to the probability of item generation. I have too many ideas about in-game systems, including the red name crime number system in which players kill people. An auction system in which players can trade props themselves. Game developers sell props directly to players in exchange for a real-world money purchase system. Of course, these systems do not necessarily appear in the official game, can be purchased through DLC, I must be the first to buy!

  4. The current task system suggests that the current task system can only adjust rewards and some task objectives, but this is not true for R PG game is not enough, I think if you can provide a continuous task, do a task before you can do the next task, and then add a task description box in the taskbar, so that developers can edit the details of the task itself (for the current can only define the name of the task), of course, if there is a prop system in the future, I think you can also be in charge Some props are added to the reward. These props may be ordinary props, which can be purchased in the store, or they may be powerful and unique props defined by developers.

  5. The following are some suggestions for numerical attributes in the game: first of all, we all know that there should be a certain balance in the game. As far as the current attribute calculation level is concerned, players of low level (values less than 1 to 3 levels here) are unlikely to beat players of too high level, even if it is a level difference. Therefore, I think that the upgrade attribute bonus should be increased by percentage, Instead of doubling. After that, some users in the game divided the level of the game. I think the level of the game should also be increased. For example, the top players should be PVP or have better technology when playing beast monsters. This technology can be displayed in a certain probability, such as 20% probability to avoid injury, and players who often recharge in the game should have one-time potions in their backpacks Consumer props are full for a long time.

I don’t know whether these suggestions are useful to developers. If they are helpful, it would be great. Finally, because my English is not good, there may be some grammatical errors, please understand!

Thank you very much!