Some Feedback & Suggestions

First of all, hats off - I see so much potential in this game - and so far feels very well executed. Thanks to have us already play the game in its rough early access stage. To be honest, I cant wait for all the new features and improvements. So while waiting for you to implement new stuff, I’d love to throw some Feedback and Suggestions at you.

tl;dr: Generally I’d suggest more powerfull design tools (paint brushes, no more territories and terraforming), steam workshop asap, low poly-brushes for textures, more overview and informations graphs/lists/tools/heatmap visualisations(danger, niceness, traffic, …).

Overall World Building
The current iteration is fun already. But I’m missing the micro options, which would allow us to truly design our own world. So far every game I created I ended up somehow with the same vibe. I really hope one day we have Steam workshop integration :crossed_fingers:
As a world designer I’d love to have more powerfull tools:
-auto-rotate props when placing
-no placement restrictions (the prop turning red and is unplaceable)
-slider for prop size
-pipette tool, easily copy props (best with a hotkey)
-npcs placeable ontop of stuff (like the dock build set, or on a wall)
-more complex sceneries toolkits, like a castle or church
-probs designer, with steam workshop integration - like the npc designer to configurate presets or completly new stuff
-pathing tool without roads, for hidden passages which mainly will be explored by explorer type of players
-AI takes sees roads as “guidelines” but not always walk on the road (maybe remove roads, add some sort of pathing tool, which automaticly paints the type of road or plazas)
-restrictions brush, to block players to walk over mountains
-npc pathing (to walk up and down a road)
-the current terrain system is “meehh” - I’d rather have a classic terraforming toolbox with way more power
-everything feels to big, as soon props will shrink, I think smaler land plots will be needed, especially for the first few levels
-low poly-brushes for textures (so we dont have to place thousands of props to get something decent looking) (e.g. wheatfield brush, stone/mountain terrain brush, wild flower field brush…)
-take a look at modded city skyline possibilities
-tycoon style research or contract work to get new probs/npc prefab designs

Questing and Player Progression
-quest overview, with multiple arrows (like one single quests currently shows)
-npc tap in a list, to faster adjust stuff (name and so on)
-more quest varity, quest items, inspect objects(props), go to this region(area)
-more complex quests, hand in at other npc,
-add main questlines which players will focus, and occasionally pick side quests (story oriented players will prefer)
-quests with level restrictions, this would allow to have like a bigger city, where players will go with multiple levels

Add more MMORPG-Style and General
-ability design tool - just select abilities for classes and npcs (would be fun to have this as rpg tool bar)
-flight path (e.g. one way, area and class restrictions options)
-give players hearthstones (like wow)
-inventories, load out, mounts and items (item designer would be nice to have our own weapons, visual armor or potion effects, I want to sell 2x exp potions for moneys or sell a premium unicorn mount)
-professions & crafting and ressources, I want to see players doing other activities than socialising, e.g. go fishing, do mining, go hunting or similar stuff - you name it - best would be to have some sort of profession designer to allow more scenarios
-more travel options portals or even
-AI Player Achievments and more AI Player informations (completed quests)

I gathered these suggestions over some hour of gameplay - I might edit this list laterfor better readability