Skills or Abilities to vary gameplay for players?

Imagine ‘secondary’ skills for players to have even more things to do.

“Fishing Holes” that can be placed in existing water (or water prefabs) that players can upgrade their fishing skills.

Various crafting disciplines that players can build up, like smithing.

Gathering resources placed around the world, giving some assets even more uses than just purely cosmetic (like trees, plants, rocks/ores).

And the best part is, imagine skill requirements for specific quests!

I think this would add so much more to what the players can do, and will definitely help achiever players, but also social players when multiple people are fishing/crafting together

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1+ I’d love to see jobs/skills that players can adopt in order to generate gold, XP and the ability to create things like equipment and potions.

you have to take into consideration that this would mean crafting and crafting would not only mean that you have to place crafting stuff but also define items that players will craft. to balance this would be … hard. interessting, sure … but potential game braking hard.

as much as i love crafting and the idea … i remain very sceptical if this is not perhaps too much