Skills List Suggestion

Hello !

As you have certainly noticed, the skill system is not very ergonomic, and it takes time to sometimes duplicate a single skill.
Would it be possible to switch to a skills list system which would appear in the skills tab and that we simply add or remove?

It would have three significant advantages:

  • Enter the skill only once and assign it to several NPCs / Monster / Classes (avoiding copy / paste)
  • The creation of skills does not change ( and improved the same way as before ),
  • Being able to compare all the skills with each other (without having to look for the value we are looking for).

Unfortunately, this is not compatible with the current system.

Obviously, I did not put it on the illustration, but a tootip would be good for the summary of the skill over the mouse (in the skills allocation panel)

Anyway, could it also be possible to enlarge the window of the list of skills? Even with a scrollbar, the display can take all the height.
And please, it would be really convenient to be able to “Apply” for the whole list and not for a single skill :slight_smile:

Thank you !

( And sorry for my aweful English )