Simple Suggestion for Fetch Quests

Hey there, fellow Tycooners!

I am 30 hours into the game, currently creating a level three zone, so it might be possible I got something wrong or missed something.

How do Fetch Quests decide, whether to come back to the quest giver or end the quest at the desired destination to receive rewards?
I love to build up quest chains, like “Fisher needs help” and put a Fetch Quest for my players to go to the Fisher to receive another Hunt Quest.

My problem is, that my players walk back to the first Quest NPC where they received the “Fisher needs help” Fetch Quest and therefore my questchain doesn’t work really well.


Place a Checkbox into the editing tab of Fetch Quests that states whether players need to travel back to the quest NPC, or do not to receive rewards.

If this has already been covered, I am sorry for reposting.

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Is there another quest AFTER the “fisher needs help” quest on that npc?
you may notice that if you add another quest after the first quest the first quest description changes to “blahblah and return to me”
now im not 100% sure on if they return anyway but i dont think that they do if its the last quest from that questgiver due to this “and return to me” not being present

@Bug719 Yes, you are right! If my Quest-NPC has just a single Fetch Quest the “return back to me” addition is gone. If you add a second Quest the Fetch Quest will turn itself to " … return back to me". Thats a bummer…

It seems like every Quest-NPC has its own Questchain. Player-NPC’s will go through the Quests until there is no quest available.
That somehow crushes like 4/5 of my ideas for quests …

What I would also like to know: If NPC-Players are in a party, are they always grinding? I’m happy to see them doing my Quests when solo, and in the middle of doing so they party up and I wonder if they are actually doing the Hunt Quest together or just kill mobs. When I click on the group it always says ‘grinding’.


Such a checkbox would still be really helpful, considering that quest givers are so expensive. It would be nice if you could have “guide” NPCs who recommend zones for players to continue to. Having to use five different NPCs for that job would very quickly get prohibitively expensive.