sideways adjust?

Will the model editor ever have a sideways adjustment option? It’s really annoying to see my asymmetrical creatures in the editor because sometimes they look really weird and the body is extremely off to the point of the limbs being completely deattached from the torso.

It’s a thing that I feel we ought to support! I think it’s only not there right now because I felt like there wasn’t space for another slider in the adjustment interface… but that’s something I can fix!

This has been added in 0.17.33 and later, currently in Steam’s “test” branch, and soon moving to the ‘default’ branch!

thank you so much! this will make modeling much easier

since im already here, have there been any plans to add some sort of rotation? it’s not a suggestion more than a question of whether or not the idea has been thought of.

We did support it in a previous version of the costume editor! I’m not opposed to it; it’s just a matter of figuring out how to fit it into the GUI interface. :slight_smile: