Short and to the Point Personal Suggestions (as well as some bugs)

Object Placement

Object stacking - I feel as though this would allow us to more creatively fix the issue of floating buildings and let us put a metaphorical tape under their textureless bottoms

Extra Precise Adjustment Tools - (basically allow up or down and vertical rotation) - I’d imagine this is already being worked on but I figure it doesn’t hurt to have one of these two sooner rather than later as a bandaid for not having both because I feel like these two suggestions both have the capability of fixing the same problem.

Grounded Buildings - Make buildings have some kind of concrete or rubble that stretches to under the map so their textureless bottoms aren’t ever visible. Example - (Ignore arrows)
Notice how the buildings have an unnecessarily long lower half. This part is usually unseen unless the building is vertical on the side of a slant so that you don’t see the untextured under-side.

Road Extension - Make roads extend to the doors of buildings

Building Creation - A modeling tool for buildings, one similar to the tool in spore. Preferably one that doesn’t take you out of the game to edit but similar concept.

Character Customization

Subscriber Customization - I think it would be cool to be able to set a parameter of body parts and colors (or set models) a subscriber can randomly spawn with. Maybe this could be a bling/hugs or fluff tech.

Paint tool - Allow color to be painted on in specific spots (or cuboids) while still preserving the current easy-to-use customization. This could allow some more advanced creations to be uploaded to the workshop for others to use.

Undo Button - Add an undo button in the customization screen and have changes be automatically applied when you leave the model tab. (Keep the apply button for when you want to see the changes in-game without having to tab out)

Better Stat Control - Control stat (cost, gain and static) scales per level and which don’t and by how much similar to the mob kills required to level.

Dual Wield - Self-explanatory


Character Control - Control over subscribers with the ability to accept quests and complete them and duel the AI if duels are enabled. Or better yet, create your own character with a character customization screen and everything.

Auction House - Basically like the tavern but can cause subscriber’s gold amount to be more variable. Or a more in-depth approach that allows subscribers to buy/sell loot and you are able to adjust how much of a cut the AH takes. - I see this being implement post-release and the former version easier to implement sooner (pre-release).


Box Select - Similar to warcraft/starcraft, a selection tool that allows you to select more than one object so you can move a large number of players and/or NPCs. Seprately, a box select tool for scenery and/or buildings.

Bugs (?)

Q and E keys are bound incorrectly by default (Q going right and E going left) RESOLVED IN COMMENTS

Melee mobs unable to attack kiting subscribers (Even when in range they will just stand there for a moment and not attack)

RE this particular comment, try zooming all the way down to ground level and use Q and E to look around; do you feel that they’re rotating in the wrong direction there? I feel like swapping them around would make it really weird when looking around from ground level!

Ah yea you are right. However, for me personally, I use right click specifically when I am at or near ground level because you get full 360 control. I don’t think it is too important and I would imagine it comes down to preference. I just wouldn’t be at ground level that often so I would still keep it bound in reverse. Perhaps you can make it so the keys are reversed when you are at ground level? But that could just be confusing - side note: is it supposed to move the camera when I am holding down Q or E and moving my mouse. I also find that a bit annoying when I am using Q and E and I have to either move my mouse with the direction it is moving or not at all.

Gif example:

Note that I am only moving my mouse when the cursor moves and holding either Q or E