Share your Character models!

I just wanted to have somewhere to see other’s work as well as share my own. please share your favorite models from over the top to simplistic. its all in good fun!

For example, I’ve made this set awaiting the up coming dungeon’s. Its supposed to be a dark world, akin to dark souls. Hoping these look as cool to yall’s eyes as they do mine XD

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Playing more with different concepts, I’ve found fun building a world in which you play as different monster’s raiding villages, towns, and cities. No pvp, no parties, just your class vs the world. Regardless the model maker is a great source of fun :sweat_smile:

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Putting these here so I always got em, Character models from my first REAL world! Unfortunately very unplayable now due to too many “users” and a scenery bug. Nevertheless, I enjoyed going outside the box with this western apocalypse theme!

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Due to that bug, My test save suddenly became my main save. So taking place in the same world, but different continent are these colorful folk from my Test File


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Finally, my pvp testing Save. Same world, But following a different group. My First world’s characters were more average joes with a few colorful quirks. Second followed the Mutant Hill Billies, and now without further ado, the Psycho’s

Less characters only due to working on other saves, hope to make more when dungeons is released. To anyone who sees these, I hope you found em neat.

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these all look amazing, keep it up!


Woah these models are super in-depth! Keep it up!