Self Targeting Abilities

I think that one of the possible ability targets should be the user themselves. This would be good for things like self healing abilities. This is my thinking anyways.

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Players can already target themselves with their abilities. Make an ability which heals the target, and players will use it to heal themselves right now. :slight_smile:


By this I do not mean an ability that affects the user but one that the user is the target. Right now the ability’s user would have to target a hostile and hit them at the ability’s range to use it. I’m thinking of more of an ability that could be used at any time, like a self heal sort of thing.

Oh I miss read what you said, sorry. Would the range of the ability matter at that point? The times I’ve tried to things like this it did not seem to work at melee range.

The user is always within range of themself, so no, the range wouldn’t matter! But the range will still matter if the user wants to use the ability on someone other than themself. (which may start to happen once players group up into parties)

Ok, thank you for the clarification. I still think it might be a good idea to add an ability target that is only the user anyway.

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I agree it should be one of the options like melee, missile, etc. Make one that is Self or Ally.

This would be pretty easy for me to add!