Scenery Objects lack proper texture

Issue: Scenery objects that I place are textured purely black.
Crash (y/n): No.
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 10.
Description: Scenery objects (trees, crystals, spikes, rocks - all of them) all spawn without their proper textures. Objects I placed a while ago (last year) remain their proper colour, but everything I’ve placed today is pure black (as seen in the screenshot below). Only alters Scenery objects, SetDressing textures are fine.

Whoah… looks like newly placed items aren’t setting their tints correctly! Investigating now.

Okay, found the issue! It’s the new “highlight in red” code that triggers when you hover over scenery items with the destroy tool; it wasn’t being initialised properly for newly placed scenery, that that newly placed scenery was getting stuck in a “black” pulse that never ended.

A save/load cycle will fix it, for the moment. But I have a proper fix which will be included in the next build, too.

Thanks for pointing it out! I should have caught that one myself!