Scenery design suggestions

Hi all,

I am having a very good time with the game so far and like many ideas and I certainly understand that this is a work in progress. I really enjoy that you can create a lot of great scenery by staking objects on one another and then end up with unique scenery.
I will start with the design part of the game for which I have some suggestions:

Combine Scenery:
I would like to combine a set of scenery together and make them available as custom scenery in the options. If I create something really nice that took me a lot of time it will take only moments to put it someplace else on the map. This also goes for a set of buildings in combination with walls.

It would be great to be able to resize the item selected on the map by using a key combination and the mousewheel, the scale slider is rather imprecise and you can only point at it and you need the mouse pointer to slide it.

It would also be great to have objects changed by mirroring them on an axis or plane so you are able to make symmetrical combinations of objects that mirror one another.

Mini grid for precise placing:
I would like to have an object that will not be visible to the munchkins that roam the world but will be visibly when designing the world that has a grid on it and can be stretched and moved. Perhaps even be able to place objects on it so you can move the entire scene.
This way it is easier to plan for larger structures and positioning them more precisely. It took me four hours to create a maze with lots of frustration like is this object now at the right spot for the turn.

Draw scenery.
It would be great to select a small plant and drag the plant across the map and have multiple plants dropping on the map just like when you are drawing with a pencil. This could be similar to walls where you randomly fill the area with some fluff. I like placing scenery next to roads and it takes a long time to setup trees or small items next to roads along the way to the next location.

Simple geometric objects:
I would like to have simple geometric objects like a ball/hexagonal/pyramid etc so I can put other scenery on it and will help me with placement of those objects.

I would like more type of roads. Not necessarily one that the munchkins can follow but objects that fill out the city/village/structures empty spaces on the ground. Could actually be any kind of scenery that doesn’t really have a height but changes the appearance of the area (grass/dirt/stones/gravel/weed/bones/lava)

Portals in walls
It would be great to add a portal/door/opening to a wall once you have created the wall. Now you need plan the wall and leave out an empty space and then continue the wall. If you really want to have a straight wall it is nearly impossible to do so unless you have very good eyes.

I would like to have some banners or shields one can design to be placed on houses to indicate a guild or organisation (church/kingdom etc).

Small effects:
It would be great to see a burning firepit where the munchkins can camp around in the wild or some other animated items.

It would be nice to be place lights on the map especially when you are in a dark forest to change the ambient lighting to some creepy colour. Or on houses.

Again I like this game a lot and would like to see it flourish. Keep up the good work!


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These are all amazing suggestions! I feel you with the custom objects, I spent like 10 min making a little cave and haven’t made another since it just takes sooooooo long. The fluffing of zones would be great since when I try to use the terrain controls it make gigantic trees that I have to go back and delete. Having openings in the walls would be HUGE it would make my walls look so much nicer! Being able to place banners would allow people to designate cities better, and maybe even add a little lore! Then maybe it could be like the human cities pre first war in WoW

The mini paths, mini grid, object effects, and lighting would be great for ambiance and design. And on a side note, how strong should my classes be in comparison to the enemies?

The mirroring for objects and better scaling would be great for people like me who place down 400 objects in a zone

Honestly I don’t have a problem with the resizing, but I would like the ability to change the size of buildings.

Personally I love this idea and shouldn’t be difficult to apply…

We definitely need a better grid system to be honest, like a proper lock to grid which isn’t so clunky.

Draw Scenery
I have already specified this in another comment, but I think we should have multiple brushes to allow for better control of what we can put down, along with a multiselect delete.

Now I think this is a good idea, more so like a cobble, dirt or what not kind of path, rather than a specific road to follow. But at the same time I think we should have more variation in roads.

Small Effects
Now this I have wanted for a while, I mean it would be nice to have a lit campfire and moving windmills and such, to add to the scenery and overall atmosphere of the game.

I think this one is self explanatory to a developer, but let me just put this here for those of you who may not understand where I’m coming from. The current lighting of the game is rather complex already, having looked at the game files, I could see adding these features to the already existing light system could cause a lot of lightning errors and shadow luminosity is difficult to say the least to get right without clipping errors.

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Resizing buildings would be great for like a giant or a gnome world

I really like the multi selected delete as this has been a time sink for me as well.
The resizing using the panel only makes it hard to precisely place things because when you move your mouse you also move the object, When you are placing a lot of them with various sizes to make for instance a large bush or forest it takes a lot of time getting the right sizing. Perhaps that I wasn’t making too clear in my post.

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I wish that whenever you place an object, the next object that spawns in won’t pivot around based on the location of the object you just placed