Scenery Brushes, Drag-Box / Copy-Paste

So, if you’re like me, then you’re a stickler for detail, even if the game itself doesn’t really care how pretty or functional something looks. I spent the first several hours of my gameplay hand-placing and grouping scenery objects to make my starter zone look nice, and before I could really appreciate it, it was time to move on to the next zone. I’ve spent more time with the game paused than actually running (although it’s a hoot to follow players around the environments I’ve made and see what they gravitate towards).

Some background: I used to be a community mapmaker for Stronghold / Stronghold Crusader, and I have some content for Shadowrun Dragonfall on Steam with about 15k subscribers. I love pretty much any game with an editor, so this game fits me like a glove. But I do have some QoL suggestions that I hope get passed along:

Scenery Brushes

The Problem: Right now, you have to hand-place every scenery object in every zone (it’s a good thing I don’t mind small stuff clipping, because that would drive me nuts). This has taken up most of my play time, as I want things to look nice.

The Solution: Create scenery brushes that add groups of scenery objects to the terrain in randomized patterns. A “Meadow” brush, for example, could add groups of flowers, grass, and small rocks. A “Badlands” brush could add groups of bones, rocks, and other desert-related bits. The size, scale, and density of these brushes could be adjusted to the player’s desire, and object groups could be added or subtracted as one wishes. This would allow someone to rapidly populate an area with scenery–it wouldn’t be perfect, but it would be a better foundation than what we have now, which is nothing.

Drag-Box / Copy-Paste

The Problem: You can’t manipulate multiple objects at once.

The Solution: This one is pretty self-explanatory. I wish I could drag a box over groups of objects (pertinent to the layer I’m working in), copy them, and paste them somewhere else. CNTRL-clicking multiple objects and copy-pasting them would be a nice thing to have as well. For example, I started building a scene around a lighthouse, then decided I wanted to build it somewhere else. Unfortunately, I had to manually delete each individual piece, then place them one at a time again in the new spot.

(While we’re on the topic of keyboard shortcuts, could we get an undo / redo function?)

This game has incredible potential, and I can’t wait to see more content come out for it.

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