Save File for you to play with 20 Active Zones, almost 6 million in money and almost 48k subscribers, 50 Devs & 50 GMs

This is my latest save file for Prophecy Eternity Role Playing MORPG Tycoon 2 Game. It currently has almost 6 million, the initial debt is paid off and there are almost 48k users.

To play with this game:
Open yoiur C drive
Go to Users folder
Locate the folder with your name
Double Click on AppData
Double Click on Roaming
Double Click on VectorStorm
Double Click on MMORPG Tycoon 2
Double Click on save
Create a Folder here and name it Prophecy Eternity
Download the three files. The 3 files get downloaded into a .Zip file in your Downloads folder.
Unpack the .Zip file into the Prophecy Eternity folder
Please note the AutoSave is currently on so every time the game tries to AutoSave there is a pause in the game if you don’t want this just turn off the AutoSave in the Setting by:
Click on Options
Click on Game
Remove the Tick from Auto Save
Press Escape a couple of times to get back to tge game

Have Fun