Save Button missing on first save

I dont know if this is new or a bug or what but when saving for the first time you can input text but the save box is not visible.
Its not until you hit enter that it appears.

on subsequent saves the save box is there until you reload.

I think a better option if its done on purpose to prompt someone is to just grey it out rather than make it hidden entirely.

Agreed, on all counts. This will be fixed in the next build!

Edit: This has always been the behaviour, except for one recent build in which the ‘save’ button wouldn’t appear at all no matter what. You’re supposed to edit the save game name, before you can save. I think that was more intuitive using the old text editing widget, because it put an underline under the game name. The dialog layout probably needs some general love to get users’ eyes drawn to the right spot, again.

But additionally, as you point out, the button should never vanish; it should just become disabled when no save game name has been provided. And the behaviour should be the same on subsequent openings of the dialog. (Maybe that whole “no save game name has been provided yet” thing should go away; maybe we should just provide a default name which the user can use if they want?)

If you just auto fill it with the mmo name and maybe a number as default.


war of infinity 1
war of infinity 2

i guess then you have to think about how far someone might go before forcing an overwrite or rename.

This is now done in the latest build.

We default to “Unnamed Save”, and start with that text selected, so typing at all will replace it. The dialog’s “save” button is now always visible.