Rework Class System


I think the Class System needs a complete rework. For example i took 2 screenshots of my classes:

I have the problem the “Schwarze Magier” has a really high DPS and dies never but he got a D-Rang. The “Paladin” dies really fast and has almost no DPS but he got a S-Rang.
Since after the update with the integers in DPS calculation (Thank you really much for it) I found several errors in this. For example if a class got really much rage (which is still buggy. The game doesn’t scale the check if the skill can be activated with the playerlevel but the costs are scaled so you can activate a skill to early) with one skill without paying something the DPS doesn’t increase. (but with this skill the class can acivate high dmg skills more often) or if a class pays life to do really high damage the dps drops extremly. Even if the class has skills to get the life back. I know this DPS calculation is really hard but i have an idea how it can be fixed: For the DPS calculation it might be nice if there is something hidden outside the map to test the realistic dps. Every class attacks an object with infinity life and there you can track the realistic dps with player behavior. Every time a class is changed this tracking has to be reseted and started by 0 to get the new value.

Also I think it would be great if the mana regeneration is a % of the max mana. For Example every class needs 10 seconds to regenerate mana. A class with 10 mana get 1 mana the second. A class with 5 mana get 0.5 mana the second. Didn’t test it (because hadn’t time / Will test it if i am back home) but I think it is not so in the moment because my both magician has the same dps. (One has more life and the other has more mana) This option with mana regeneration I want to have because if i give a class more point to mana and less to life, the class with more mana should have a higher dps.

Also it would be very nice if we can change temporary the movement of a class. For Example with a skill we can reduce the movement speed of an enemy by 33%/50%/67% for 3 seconds. Because we can skill the life, mana, rage and can reduze or add it infight. Only the movement speed we can’t change infight. Fast classes can run from slow classes away without getting hitten by them. If the fast players are also range they can kill slower player/monsters without getting damage.

Does heal skills for other players work? I gave my Paladin a skill to heal other targets and tested it by myself but i have never seen it that they use this skill for there own. (Hope that they also will not heal there enemys) But i also do not have group plays ^^. If this don’t work in the moment it will be very nice for future.

If I can think of more I will add it here xD

Thank you really much for this game! I like it really and I think it has great potential :slight_smile:

no, dps just need to be based on what is the cast time what is the cooldown and what is the delay bewtween each attack, once every 60 seconds the game needs to crunch the numbers of at least 10 players of each class all of the same level to get the average DPS or give a low to high range for each individual level. just attacking something at the edge somewhere wont give the numbers we need. but it’s more like have something that does what i said and just in the background does some maths with randomised delays that aren’t absurd to see what the outcome is and on a separate tab for the class have a chart that has the level listed and what dps it is capable of without gear since with gear modifications to stats are involved and will make the information unreliable since nobody is ever geared the same and if they are it’s only the maximum of minmaxing at it’s finest lol

That won’t work. The most enemies are dead before a 60 seconds cooldown is over. If you take the players to get the DPS you will get more the burst damage instead of the dps. For Example if a class has a big Mana Pool this class can activate much skills until the mana pool is empty. The class has a high burst damage and would kill the most enemies really fast. If the Manapool ist empty after a really long fight, this class has to wait until it gets mana back… the dps will drop rapidly after the burst damage.

There are also so much mistakes in the DPS calculation now. For Example if one this does 0 dmg the overall DPS of this class is 0. Also if one skill heals the enemy this isn’t calculated with the DPS. Skills which has to be reloaded are calculated wrong… Before I want to customize gear I want to have a good DPS calculation that works almost correct :sweat_smile:

In the moment my “Schwarzer Magier” has a DPS of 2.9 with D-Rang and my “Paladin” a DPS of 0 with A-Rang. There is also something wrong I think. I think in the Rang System the life of a class is much more important than the DPS. Maybe for that we have to calculate a Product which we can compare with other classes. For example my “Paladin” has 24 life and my “Schwarzer Magier” has 21 life. The “Schwarzer Magier” has a DPS of 2.3 (like in the picture) (21 * 2.3) = 48.3. So the "Schwarzer Magier get a score of 48.3. That the “Paladin” get the same score we have to calculate the score of the “Schwarzer Magier”/life of the “Paladin”=DPS of the “Paladin” (48.3 / 24) = 2.0125. So with that DPS they should have the same Rang.

Schwarzer Magier life: 21
Schwarzer Magier DPS: 2.3

Paladin life: 24
Paladin DPS: 2.0125

But for this calculation the DPS have to be calculated correctly ^^