Resource values (mana, rage)

So when assigning a skill to add resources and remove resources, I understand that the “Effect Upon Activation” and adding say Mana with a positive value of 1.0 will add 1 mana to the player upon activation. However it is unclear for the “Costs to Activate” fields if I need to actually manually add a minus to the 1.0 that gets added there, or if it is automatically deducted upon use if I leave it as a positive 1.0 and not add a hyphen to make it a -1.0. I’ve been trying to test it but unfortunately the “playtesting” bit is not great, so it makes it hard, considerably so with melee characters.

What is the correct thing to put into the “Costs to Activate” field?

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Yeah, right now you need to put -1 rage as a cost to make the ability reduce ‘rage’ by one point. The only difference between a ‘cost’ and an ‘effect’ is that costs must be applied in full, while ‘effects’ can go beyond minimum/maximum for the attribute.

So for example, if you had a +1 rage as a cost on an ability, then that ability could only be used if the player could gain one full rage point right now. If their rage was currently (for example) at a value of 9.5/10, then that ability would be unavailable; they can’t pay the ‘cost’ of increasing their rage by 1 point so the ability can’t be used. By comparison, a +1 rage effect would leave the ability available in that situation, and rage would just be capped at 10/10 when the effect was applied, rather than going over.

I hope that makes sense! Combat ability editing definitely needs another pass to make it more intuitive. The current system works, but it’s not intuitive enough at the moment, in my own opinion.


Hmmm, that definitely seems like a pain to work with. Wouldn’t it be better to just increment mana/HP/Rage/whatever resource as whole numbers instead by default then, if it’s going to block ability usage? I do appreciate being able to put 3.2 points of mana but that seems like it’d prevent a lot of skills. And considering the Nerf/Buff buttons always increment by +0.1 or -0.1, that makes it even worse lol. I’m gonna have to go over all my classes in both MMORPGs I got going right now and just make it whole numbers.

Hey, piggybacking off this post since my question is closely related.

My understanding with Rage is that is starts at 0 and builds up as combat goes, while Mana starts at full and slowly regens after consumption. However, on my monsters that use rage, they spawn with full rage. On player characters it works as how I previously described.

I am not sure if that is intended or maybe I am configuring something wrong.