Resource Gathering/ Crafting

So after playing Amazon’s new closed beta of “new world” gave me some ideas that I’d like to pass along.
Resource Gathering and crafting, you can add areas/ gatherable’s (stone, iron ore etc.)/ or loot such as leather from mobs and allow “players” to craft items they use. I know in this current version items are not complete to what I’d imagine the final product would be, or I doubt it’s your first priority, but I still would like to throw this idea out there.


I’ve been told that Items(and personal equipment) for each player would tank performance, so it’s unlikely they’ll be included in the game… As much as I would’ve loved to see them and an in-game economy added… Rip worldbank. :frowning:

Games like Runescape and World of Warcraft have skills or professions which allow you to perform activities such as fishing, farming, mining, alchemy, smithing skinning, gathering, etc. I’d like to see something like this added to the game, perhaps as an alternative source for grinding XP and earning money instead of just grinding monsters. You could place down plants, fishing spots, minerals and ore + crops which players can interact with, as long as they have the skill to do so. Skills like Alchemy and Smithing could even provide a source of free potions and buffs to players?

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That’s really unfortunate, as those are iconic some of the things that make an MMO an MMO. Thought it was weird that we didn’t already have the ability to work with loot tables and economy stuff… sounds like they need to do a lot of optimization so they can get a lot of the key MMO features into the game. Really tempers my hopes for the dungeon system if this is still the case. :sob:

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