[Resolved] Travel in time after loading my game

I write this topic because I recently experimented travel in time :sweat_smile:
At the begin of this week, I started a new game, “Sword of Deltora”. Yesterday, on my last save, I was on day 5 or something like that. Today, I run my game and I see on the right bottom of my screen 4 green messages like " advertisement finished, you gain 300 new player".
So I check the date on my party aaaaannnd … I’m in month 2 , 0 day, 00:00:30s wtf
I traveled 25 days in the future … Nobody Calls Me Chicken!

I would like to attach my save file but i can’t upload zip file :cry:

apart this little mistake, keep continue to develop your game, it’s fantastic !

Actually, this is expected; we changed the way that time works in a recent update!

‘Months’ now have just 5 days in them. But we also made ‘Days’ twice as long (in real-world time). This fixed a bunch of small problems around players not having enough time to really ‘play’ each day, and also means that you can start getting subscription fee income much sooner!

Thanks for your reply !

Hi Trevor !
Thanx for this message… I had no idea month had only 5 days… Usually it is 30 or 31… it would be nice to explain it somewhere :wink: It changes a lot of things about the economy of the game !

Hey @MartinT

If you read “what`s new in tle latest build?”, and go to v. 0.17.60: PLAYING WITH TIME

You can read about the changes :slight_smile:

@ Kortprosess
I’m a new player that’s why I didn’t read all past change log.
If a month only has 5 days… why not calling them weeks ?

Yeah @MartinT, i have just played like for a month or two myself. But i read a lot of the posts here and got interested.
I think Trevor wrote it in your awnser. Like, would it not be just wrong if you had to pay sup fee on a game every week?