Required to have "blacksmith/inn/potion" quests? + suggestions

Is it required to have these quests, or will adventurers go to these shops themselves if they want to upgrade their items/purchase/sell stuff?

Also, might I suggest the ability to place multiple quest objectives in multiple zones in an area? Ex: If I have 3 areas filled with the same monsters, I want to be able to point 3 arrows from 1 NPC to the 2 other areas filled with the same monsters.

I’ll probably update this post with more suggestions as I think about them. Can’t wait to design some DUNGEONS and stuff! Does anyone know if actually adding “item drops” to monsters is going to be added? I’d love to get that granular with the game.

No, it’s absolutely not necessary to have quests sending people to inns or shops; players will discover and use those on their own, if they’re nearby. The only time you’d need quests for those is if you want to give players XP/Gold for completing those quests (which can sometimes be handy for “shopping” quests!), or if the shops are so far away that players probably won’t even realise they’re there without a quest sending them there.

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Thanks much! Was curious about this.

Also I ran into a weird thing where I set a quest objective to kill mobs in one spot, but players were milling about and completely wiping out a different area of mobs and not going to the other area with the exact same mobs. Do I just let them mill about or? Cause it’s starting to clog my level 1 & 2 areas pretty badly.