Requesting Mounts and Mount Rarities

Recently got the game about a week ago. I have logged way too many hours since. The one thing I have been dying to have (other than just more general options for scenery and buildings, but it’s obviously tedious to create) is mounts. I would love the option to have 6+ mounts in the game that we can set rarities or drop locations for.

For Example:
Mount 1: 10g at any Shop/+40% Speed, Mount 2: 25g at Shops in Lvl 7+ Zones/+60% Speed, Mount 3: 3% drop chance from monsters in Level 7+ Zones/+70% Speed, etc.

These mounts could be premade or (just like monster design) be able to be crafted by players. I am by no means a coder and have no idea how easy/difficult creating this system would be, but I would gladly spend $ on a DLC that would add this in. The ability to see players riding around on super rare, 0.1% drop chance, mounts with +200% Speed would just be phenomenal. Thank you for reading and I appreciate y’alls time.

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Well I don’t know what Trevor’s plans for mounts are but in Elder Scrolls Online You can but a mount with in game gold (there is a bunch to chose from). They are all the same the difference is how they look, they all have the same speed, stamina and carry same amount of your inventory for you. You will have to return to the Stable and spend gold to raise one of each of these three attributes (You can only do this once every 20 or so hours). Obviously the faster your mount is the fast you can get away from the monster attacking you but the stamina of your mount will only allow you to go fast for so long before slowing your mount down to the normal speed.

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All the fancy mounts must be bought with in-game money (Not Gold) which you will have to pay real money to buy the in-game money and once you have this you can use it to buy fancy mounts, housing… ALL COSMETIC and not pay to win. They are always coming out with fancier looking mounts to get you to pay for it and buy it using the in-game money you had to buy with real money. If implemented I guess it will fall into the Microtransaction category and can be a great way for you to make money in-game.