Requesting a "go faster in loading" for testing

Well,im not sure if i had to request this,but i really can’t test with this big loading screen,one example of how it were annoying was at the “Inn crash” and i always was opening for testing the inn seeing if there was anything about it and the paths,well,it were fixed,but still,it were very annoying with my tests,after this i must say about when you need to exit for personal problems or just because you don’t wan’t to test all the day and then you close,some hours later when you’re coming back for testing you need to wait MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE loading screens :frowning:
this is not a critic or saying the game is bad about this,im just saying that it so hard to test when you need to wait hours to open,if you do not want to make the “go faster in loading” thing,its okay,just requesting for helping me at testing (and others)

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