Request Make auto generated MMO Name editable

Ok so not a bug but something that bothers me a little.

As it stands when creating a new mmo you get a random name which is great. You can delete it and put your own in which is also great. However if you want to use the auto generated name but edit it for example add a number or put another word in you cant as it just deletes the auto generated name.

The auto generated names are generally pretty good but sometimes I want to just make a small change but unless I rember what it was and retype it I can’t.

I totally agree!

The second point on the big MS14 list is this:

And that’s specifically to handle stuff like this. And also making small edits to save file names, or to edit quest names, or any of the other spots where small bits of text can be edited. The current “keep typing or clear and start again” thing really isn’t good enough; I really need a proper text edit widget which lets you click to place the cursor in the middle of existing text and edit from there, or to drag to select a region to delete/replace, and so on. All the usual text editing mechanics.

Maybe even copy/paste from the system clipboard (would that be silly? I’d have to figure out how to do it in a cross-platform way, I guess)

Edit: Hey look, it turns out that SDL2 already has me covered with cross-platform clipboard handling.

It’s kind of funny how I’m using SDL (the “Simple DirectMedia Library”) for almost everything except visuals and audio; the two major things that it was originally designed to handle.

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